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1 January thru 10 April 2023

The red numbers in the banner graphic indicate five important benchmarks throughout the 100 days fast. Stay tuned for events at the ZDC Holland Campus in and around those important days.


In March of 1933, when FDR took office, the country was mired in the worst economic depression it had ever known. FDR's singular goal was to lift the country out of depression and he understood that a president is his most powerful, and productive, during the first 100 days of his presidency. This is what I remembered from basic Poli Sci 101 in September 2015 when the Spirit of the Lord kept speaking to me the phrase, "The First 100 Days."



As I continued to seek the Lord, I began to understand that it was the first 100 days of our coming year that the Lord wanted dedicated to Him. He wanted our time, our focus, and our measure from January until April as a dedicated and significant seed for the remaining 9 months and all He desires to perform in and through them.

As I travel the states specifically, I see now more than ever the dire state of the Church. The carnality, the base nature, the lack of sanctification, this world's methods and system that have seeped into who we are, and what we believe. As it stands now, there are few believers that have the sustained spiritual lifestyle necessary to receive all that it is they are praying and believing God for. We are in need of 100 days as we step into 2023 just to build, frame, and construct the foundational work God requires of an elevated and supernatural expression in the earth. Don't we want more than material status, driving right, and facilities mortgaged to the hilt? It is time for some supernatural power and breakthrough, and that will only come to a Church that has the governance and rule over their own flesh, and can give God at the very least, their first 100 days! God spoke to me this quote decades ago, and it frames this discussion beautifully,


'Power Is What Power Does'© What are YOU willing to do?


So I immediately acquired the domain name '', then set out praying as to how the Lord would structure and frame this unique opportunity for those who would stand with me.



'The First 100 Days' is essentially a 100 day fast, consecration, appointed time, and designated season where God receives from us our committed sacrifice of removing and adding activities from and into our life - and we receive from Him the necessary foundation, preparation, tools, weaponry, foundation, and equipping needed to receive, perform, and maintain the promotion, assignment, and blessing of the Lord for our lives. If you think you have everything you need to perform the purposes of God for your life, you don't. NONE of us do. I say this often when I'm preaching, "Do not be deceived by the arrogance of your mind, you have not gone this way before." We are living in a day and an age where the spirits, the opposition, and the challenge that lay before leaders and the people of God will only be overcome with a new weaponry - an armory that will only come through prolonged and protracted seasons of fasting and prayer.



For this 100 days, we will be both 'fasting from' something (total abstinence), and 'fasting into something' (meaning adding God-assigned activities, habits, and patterns we are committed to performing consistently).


'The First 100 Days' is not limited merely to fasting from food, or the act of 'removing things'. We know this 100 day fast will incorporate fasting from food. We'll discuss this further down. As you begin to pray about your first 100 days, the Lord wants you to consider abstaining or severely limiting other activities that have occupied an unbalanced, unhealthy place in our lives, removing the Holy Spirit's oxygen from our spiritual discipline. Things like social media, video games, movies, television, inordinate affections or relationships. There is no set formula here, but we all know what God is looking for from each of us individually, apart from our commitment to a food-based consecration. And the Lord wants you to select several areas you will curtail or completely cut out of your life's habit for the first 100 days of 2023.


What Does God Want Me to 'Fast Into'?

Many of you will have some free time during these first 100 days because God has been dealing with you about cutting out some not-so-important 'priorities'. So instead of perusing Facebook, or mindlessly playing video games, God would have you to consistently 'add' some activities to your daily habit: a consistent prayer time and tenure; more reading and studying the Word and other materials as you are led ( has some great study material if you need some inspiration); taking a walk around the block, or dedicating yourself to the gym you joined last year; drinking more water and treating your organs better! You get the idea. And you know what God is after.


Understanding Some Basic Principles of Fasting

First and foremost, Apostle Lynn'Da Threat and Zion Dominion Church and Ministry Center do not advise anyone at any time to initiate any kind of full or partial nutritional fast without the express permission of your physician. And in addition to that, there are some important fundamentals of fasting I want you to read and employ as you are led to embark upon this fast.


In the prayer instruction, I speak about repenting for abusing our bodies which are essentially God's chosen agencies to bring His purposes to pass in the earth. Part of this fast is to realign our bodies and to bring them back from the poisons and toxins we have introduced to them. We will correct bad eating habits, and we must stop premature death and self-induced sickness and disease caused by a lifestyle of gluttony and the indulgence of our flesh.


You NEVER initiate a full abstinence from food cold turkey. The body must be prepared to fast both naturally and spiritually in order to receive any benefit or result. My nutritionist once told me that whatever is in your system and whatever is in your spirit before you fast, if you don't cleanse yourself of those things, the fast will literally cement those things to you. For example, if you are filled with sugar, preservatives, bitterness, and anger when you start a total fast, you will reap that and more when you complete your abstinence.


What you need to do is to take a good 7-14 days to go through a process of dietary detox and spiritual repentance to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit God has for you in whatever and however you decide to fast. Otherwise, you are just going through the motions.


What I Recommend for Most

As for me, I will be fasting - or severely consecrating - the entire 100 days. I have had a discipline of fasting my entire life, and because of that, I don't recommend anyone follow what the Lord has given me. Here's what I would recommend for most:


Starting 1 January, end all caffeinated beverages, sugar intake of ANY kind, all meats and animal proteins, and begin to eat strictly out of the ground: fresh fruits and vegetables, water and highly watered-down juices. You may cook, they don't have to be raw, but limit butter and dressings. You will be eating like this for the entire 100 days, but after 14 days of strictly consecrating, the Lord may begin to speak to you concerning a full fast - which is a water-only fast - for a period of time. It may be 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 12 days - up to 21 days. For those of you who decide to go for longer durations, we would like to stand with you and pray for you. Let the ministry know so we can be in touch. Some of you may decide while you are on this extended Daniel fast to have a time of total fasting each month of the 100 days. It will vary for you depending on age, prescription use, and other factors.


Those of you who are standing with us and consecrating for the entire 100 days, take some dedicated time to pray and determine those additional activities God wants you to release during the 100 days, and those He wants you to embrace for the 100 days. As you commit to this incredible sacrifice and journey, God's grace will accompany you, and you will begin to see a profound difference in your life, family, ministry, and business. Stay tuned to 'The Future is Now' broadcast every day as we minister to you strength and encouragement and walk this journey alongside you. And be sure to join Zion Dominion Ministry Center for any announced evenings of prayer. We will announce them via the broadcast, the internet, conference call, and eblast. Fasting and prayer is a fusion that no power in hell can overcome! Mark 9:29, Matthew 17:21.


Please spend some time reviewing the 'Prayer Framework' tab for insights and instructions, daily prayer focus, and personal encouragement as you walk out this incredible season.

Nothing is more damaging to a new truth than an old error. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself. Rita Mae Brown


Average people would rather be wrong than different.

John Mason

“If you say ‘I will fast when God lays it on my heart,’ you never will. You are too cold and indifferent to take the yoke upon you.” D.L. Moody
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