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My Intimate Insights for Fasting
For those of you who desire to really settle into the discipline of this fast, I wanted to share with you some of my best practice habits that I employ during extended fasting to increase wholeness [and the benefits of the fast] in spirit, soul, and body!
I am a juicer. I try to do smaller 'shot-sized' juices that pack a serious nutritional punch, but don't require you to drink scores of ounces. I'll juice kale, spinach, oranges, and a lemon. It tastes outstanding, but nutritionally it is infused with minerals which we lose so readily when we fast. Sometimes I swap out collards for the spinach.
I read incessantly in life, and even more so while fasting. There is a whole list of books I often recommend to those who are fasting, I'll list a few here. And over last summer, I visited many book mongers and curated an exquisite list to read during the fast. I'll list some of those as well.
Reading for Natural Health
Eat Right 4 Your Type
Dr. D'Amado
Think and Eat Yourself Smart
Dr. Carolyn Leaf
Reading for Spiritual Health
The Spiritual Man Watchman Nee [I've read this book several times, it is incredible to read while you are fasting.]
God's Chosen Fast
Arthur Wallis
ALT's Personal Curated Reading List Abbrev.
The Last Lion Box Set: Winston Spencer Churchill, 1874 - 1965 Margaret M. McGinnis [I'm going to finish off this set during the fast.]
Great Stories of the Great Lakes
Dwight Boyer
Called to Service: A History of Nuns in America
Margaret M. McGinnis
Churchill's Body Guard
Tom Hickman
Women and the War: Their Heroism and Self-Sacrifice.
Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk. Michelle DeRusha
On top of the new reads, I want to dig into some of my 1800-1900 volumes. There is a tremendous richness to the language and depth to the sentence structure that is so activating.
Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus: This was a first edition, pre-Christmas gift from Pastor Ingrid. It too was given at Christmas as It bears the inscription ' Blessed Christmas 1896, Love, Jane'.
Stay tuned to 'The Future is Now' Broadcast. You will find stations, times, and on-line streaming availabilities at the radio tab. Throughout the fast, I will be talking about gluttony, and how fasting exposes our weaknesses and replacement behaviors we use to avoid spiritual realities. I also look forward to revealing how the Holy Spirit establishes for each of us a 'Nazarite Vow' that empowers us to eat according to the dictates and inherent strengths and weaknesses of our anointings.
Be generous in every way. When the Lord lays someone on my heart, I pray for them for 60 seconds.
I really enjoy reviewing the now decades old, but COMPLETELY relevant for today, teachings of Pastor Lester Sumrall. What a visionary for our the NOW we are living in.
For those of you who think this level of commitment is difficult, even bordering on the impossible, I want to encourage you that it is the Lord who gives us a grace that enables us to literally cultivate a new taste, and a new pallet. You don't have to crave the wrong thing, God can birth in you a true desire to eat good food, foods that are healing and life-restoring!
For those of you who are struggling with their memory, mental fitness and rejuvenation is key. Put your mind on a diet, and sharpen its function and responses. Put the game app down, get OFF of social media, and give your brain what it needs to serve you and your purpose.
I really enjoy the spiritual significance of movies, especially period pieces. I have been traveling so much, I have my Amazon list all cued up. I've got 'LBJ' and 'Dunkirk' on my watch list, and on pre-order to add to my collection. I can recommend to you 'Darkest Hour' which I was able to see at the theater; a tremendous biopic of Winston Churchill. And if you don't have a scientific understanding of all the incredible things fasting does for you, go to Amazon and watch 'The Science of Fasting', free to Prime members.
And speaking of movies, many of you know how I feel about the Rocky series. Well, during a fast, I could watch the Siberian training scenes where Rocky is getting ready to fight Ivan Drago over, and over, and over again! I think that's Rocky IV.
The History Channel, The Smithsonian Channel, I have enjoyed so much observing the lives of global world changers through this dynamic programming.
Do you exercise? It's time to find something you can tolerate - even enjoy - and stick with it. Whether that's walking, putting some dumbbells by your desk, taking the stairs, or like me, swimming. Get started doing something. When you are fasting, exercise will give you energy, and cause much needed blood flow to your cells which are turning over now at a higher rate.
Hydration during a fast is essential. I, like many of you, was raised in the fasting tradition where no water was consumed. However, we now understand that fasting is about ridding the body of toxins, both spiritually and naturally. Water is critical to that process. Think about it. We are literally flushing the body of, in some cases, years of abuse. If you need a little variety while drinking all of this water, you can steep or infuse your waters, either hot or cold with:
Organic Cinnamon Bark
Sliced Fresh Ginger Root
Grapefruit, orange, lemon, or lime slices
Cucumber, celery, cilantro, or Serrano peppers
Mix it up and combine orange, ginger, and serranos!
I have a very precious and rare collection of hymnals from the 17-1800's I have procured over these many years through my extensive travels. These little volumes are so dear, and the rare language in each spiritual song and hymn is at the same time comforting and provoking.
You will be hearing from me periodically as the Lord continues to share with me insights concerning the deportment He would have me to take during the different stages of the fast.


When we get into the longer seasons of fasting, get your water from the health food stores. They carry a wide array of waters that contain minerals, essential to your musculature while fasting. And if you get any leg cramps or discomfort, make sure to drink some coconut water. It takes a lot like soapy dish water, but will prevent hydration and is loaded with electrolytes.
As I talk about in the Daniel Fast, you can not just go from toxin-laden eating, to total fasting. Your body is filled with too many toxins, and your will go through major withdrawals. There is a drink commonly known as 'The Master Cleanse'. I have listed the ingredients below. It is very simple, very inexpensive, and you can drink it all day long. It will cleanse your body of toxins, and begin to break up the bad fats in your body. Significant asterisk here, you cannot buy regular maple syrup, it HAS to be grade B.
2 tablespoons organic lemon juice
2 tablespoons organic grade B maple syrup (NOT grade A)
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
10 ounces filtered water
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