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Understanding the Daniel Fast

Apostle Lynn'Da Threat and Zion Dominion Church strongly advise you seek the approval and advice of your doctor or health care provider before embarking upon any fast or consecration.

The First 100 Days is a strong commitment. And while we are not fasting for 100 days, we are taking the first months of 2022 and presenting the Lord with a sacrifice, a seed if you will, that we place in the ground of 2022 and believe for an extraordinary harvest.


And while we are not fasting the full time, we are putting a consecration before the Lord for the time of the entire 100 days. Much of our time will be spent consecrating on a Daniel Fast, and from there we will step into seasons of total fasting with water only, some with juice only.


The intention of the Daniel Fast is to cleanse the system with clean eating to remove the toxins and debris we accumulate from months - even years - of destructive habits. It is the first and proper step to conducting more extended and disciplined fasts. ‘Consecrate’ in the Greek has its root in teleioo [tel-i-o’-o] that word that refers to the finished, fulfilled, and perfected man. Through the Daniel Fast, we are initiating a new discipline as we press toward the result: teleioo. And since there is always a little confusion around what an actual Daniel Fast is, we have outlined the following:


During the Daniel Fast you will not consume any sugar or sweeteners of any kind, nor will you have any caffeine or artificial chemicals. Many people experience a physical detox during the first few days of the fast including headaches, fatigue, leg cramps and other typical symptoms. You can reduce these effects by weaning yourself from these foods before the fast begins and also by drinking at least 1/2 gallon of filtered water each day before, during and after the fasting period.


All fruits. These can be fresh, frozen, dried, or juiced, not canned. Fruits include but are not limited to apples, apricots, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, figs, grapefruit, grapes, guava, honeydew melon, kiwi, lemons, limes, mangoes, nectarines, oranges, papayas, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, prunes, raisins, raspberries, strawberries, tangelos, tangerines, watermelon.


All vegetables. These can be fresh, frozen, dried, juiced, not canned. Vegetables include but are not limited to artichokes, asparagus, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chili peppers, collard greens, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, ginger root, kale, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, mustard greens, okra, onions, parsley, potatoes, radishes, rutabagas, scallions, spinach, sprouts, squashes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, watercress, yams, zucchini.


All whole grains. Brown rice, millet, quinoa, oats, barley, rice cakes, and popcorn. Take it easy on these!

All nuts and seeds. Including but not limited to sunflower seeds, cashews, peanuts, sesame. Limited nut butters including peanut butter. No roasted or salted nuts, raw only.

All legumes. These can be canned or dried. Legumes include but are not limited to dried beans, pinto beans, split peas, lentils, black eyed peas, kidney beans, black beans, cannellini beans, white beans.


All quality oils. Including but not limited to olive, canola, grape seed, peanut, and sesame.


Beverages. Spring water, distilled water or other pure waters; diluted, sugar free juice. Try to significantly water down your juices.


Other. Tofu, soy products, vinegar, seasonings, salt, herbs and spices.


Foods to Avoid Completely or to Use Sparingly (in the case of dressings, butters, etc.) on the Daniel Fast


AVOID All meat and animal products including but not limited to beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and fish.


AVOID All dairy products including but not limited to milk, cheese, cream, and eggs. You can occasionally use eggs to build more dietary protein or for energy.

AVOID All sweeteners including but not limited to sugar, raw sugar, syrups, molasses, and cane juice. Pure honey is fine in your herbal teas.

AVOID All leavened bread including some Ezekiel Breads if they contain yeast; avoid baked goods.

AVOID All refined and processed food products including but not limited to artificial flavorings, food additives, chemicals, white rice, white flour, and foods that contain artificial preservatives.

AVOID All deep fried foods including but not limited to potato chips, French fries, and corn chips. These are considered neither ‘potatoes’ nor ‘corn.’


AVOID All solid fats including shortening, margarine, lard and foods high in fat. Be limited in your use of butter.


AVOID Beverages including but not limited to coffee, caffeinated tea, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, etc. The idea here as your body detoxifies itself is that the use of water helps cleanse your body of these toxins. Drink lots of it, hot or cold.


Remember, READ THE LABELS! Your food should not be filled with preservatives, you should be eating singular ingredients together or separately with other singular ingredients with little to no additives.

Frozen foods are o.k., fresh, raw foods are ideal, canned foods are really not o.k.

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