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The Security of Your Performance©

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

This morning I awakened around 3:00 am to the overwhelming knowledge and awareness of God’s supernatural enablement. I understood that this divine empowerment was where the power of purpose (God’s specified design for my life) possessed the unique capacity to literally overcome any physical and natural limitation and would enable our bodies to correspond, align, and acquiesce fully to what purpose has required. In this application, our purpose requires the sharpening and mastery that will surely come from The Fast of the First 100 Days.

Many times when we step into an anticipated fast (or obedience of any kind), the enemy tries to attach to our experience an apprehension, a foreboding, and the expectation of imminent failure. Instead of ready expectation, he attempts to overtake our faith for the completion of the fast with all of the obstacles he surmises we shall surely face. And while the act of denying the flesh is at times laborious, the satanic picture he has painted is a false and lying reality.

You were made for this. Your physical body was made to serve the necessity of your spirit, and your spirit’s purpose. It is when we lead with this understanding of the flesh’s demise in light of the spirit’s priority, that any physical fall out of fasting – or any spiritual requirement – is minimized and profoundly reduced.

I then heard the Holy Spirit’s reassurance from John 1:13 revealing why the security of our performance is guaranteed. We are assured of our faithful fulfillment to the fast because we are not intellectually ‘willing’ our participation, we are supernaturally enabled as a birthright, God's purposes for our lives are “not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

God's purposes for our lives are born of Him. And every characteristic and nature of His divinity is available to us in the form of His overcoming power to conquer every flesh part of our nature to fulfill His stunning architecture for our lives.

Throughout the fast, there will be many supernatural experiences you will have. Participating in the fast will require a strict adhesion to new spiritual disciplines, longer hours in prayer, sensitivity to expanding obediences – all of these enlarging activities will be made fully possible because we are spirit beings first – not flesh beings – and we are alive unto God.



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