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Welcome to the First 100 Days Fast

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

We will take this journey together over the first 100 days of 2019. This will be an extraordinary season of personal and individual growth, and profound corporate strength. We are both adding things to our character and nature, as well as taking the time to negate negative and antiquated patterns and habits!

This year's theme is 'The Preeminence of Purpose.' The revelation of your purpose, its capacities and graces, its challenges and enemies, and the depth of its expression and manifestation ... all of these will be explored at length during the First 100 Days.

During each Future is Now Broadcast we record, and every Friday morning at the 6am EST Parenthesis Conference Call, I will share concerning a function and faculty of your purpose.

Pray about joining us for this year's fast, and please write or call with any questions you might have, or any topics you would like to see explored during our times together.

Mark your calendars for our first fast gathering. Friday 11 January we will have a day and evening session. Registered fast participants (go to the homepage of to register) will gather with me for a day of personal ministry, apostolic and prophetic revelation, and some incredible insights into what the Lord desires this fast to perform for each of us individually, as well as the corporate anointing and strength it will bring to each of our ministries.

Oh, and on January 11, you will have access to some really incredible materials. I have written a fast guide with teachings, confessions, and prayers all centered around the fast, and the 'Preeiminence of Purpose' theme. And I will make available to you some incredible audio and visual resources to activate and recharge your spirit during this time of fasting and prayer.

And join me, EVERY DAY, right here on my blog, where I share with you my observations, interpretations, and musings as I experience this 100 day fast right along side of you.

If you are faithful to this time, I promise you that everything is getting ready to change. Your anointing will change, your environment will change, your prayer life will change, your faith and expectation will change, your spiritual productivity and outcome will change, and those things that have refused to budge, that you have been praying about for so long, these things are getting ready to reach the Lord's resolve.

An important note. On behalf of myself, and Zion Dominion Church, we encourage everyone to obtain the clearance of their physician or health care provider before embarking upon any fast or dietary discipline.



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